Do you have a decaying tree on your property and wonder what the signs a tree needs to be removed are? At SoutheastTree, we provide tree care service in Marietta. We help residents with tree removal, trimming, and more.

Dead or damaged trees usually need professional removal services. Determining when a tree needs removal can be tricky, but below are nine signs to know when to call the professionals at SoutheastTree.

1. A Hollow Tree

If you notice the tree trunk has an opening or is home to animals, it means your trunk is hollow. A hollow tree is a sign that the tree is getting weak or possibly decaying.

Hollow trees may not always show visible signs. To test if it is hollow, you can use a rubber mallet to tap around the tree. However, you should seek out expert help for a precise diagnosis.

2. Signs of Decay or Damage

When trees are severely damaged or decaying, their structure may be compromised. Look out for these signs a tree needs to be removed due to decay or damage:

  • Broken wood from lightning
  • Odd bark peeling
  • Visible open holes 
  • Vertical cracks on the trunk
  • Dead branch stubs

3. Fungal Disease

A diseased tree may infect nearby trees, destroying all of them in that area. For this reason, you should watch out for fungi growing on the trees. Some diseases are treatable, but not all are fungi.

Some signs of disease are:

  • Stunted growth
  • Depressions in the wood
  • Tiny spores 
  • Falling, wilting, or discolored leaves
  • Bleeding cankers on the tree trunk

4. A Dead Tree

If a professional confirms it is a dead tree, your best choice is removal. Here are some signs of a dying or dead tree:

  • Dead branches
  • Symptoms of a disease 
  • No buds or leaves in the growing season
  • Leaning trunk

5. Insect Damage

Not all insect infestations ruin trees. However, insects can damage them, leaving the trees vulnerable. Look out for signs of insect infestations such as:

  • Egg masses
  • Large silken tents on branches
  • Visible larva
  • Zigzag tunnels inside the tree
  • Round-shaped exit holes

6. Rotting Roots

It isn’t easy to see signs of rotted tree roots. However, some of the symptoms of rotted roots are:

  • Sunken wood
  • Poor growth
  • Discolored leaves
  • Decaying or weakened branches
  • Thinning of the canopy
  • Fungus growing from the roots

7. Trees Have a ‘V’ or ‘Y’ Shaped Trunk

Look out for if a tree has multiple trunks with the shape of a tight ‘V’ or ‘Y’. This formation means that the tree is more likely to snap, one of the signs a tree needs to be removed.

8. Near Buildings or Other Structures

Some trees growing near buildings or power lines can cause property damage. The best way to avoid potential issues is to remove the tree. Professionals will help you determine the best decision to take care of your property.

9. Stunting the Growth of Other Plants

Tree canopies help provide shade, but heavily-forested areas may have difficulty growing ferns, grass, or other undergrowth. The best way to tackle this situation is to remove some trees for better growth.

Rely on the Experts To Remove Trees

SoutheastTree has a team of passionate workers who will help you with tree removal. Our team has the experience and uses the latest method to remove trees effectively. 

When you call us, we can help you look out for signs a tree needs to be removed. In addition, it’s best to know the signs that your tree lacks nutrients to help determine if you can save it.

Contact SoutheastTree at 770-977-8733 to schedule a service. You can count on our trusted team to help you with your tree removal needs.


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