Many homeowners will agree that there is no right time to cut down and remove a beloved tree. However, if the tree poses a danger to your property, is old, or is damaged, removing it is the best option. 

Removing a tree by yourself is almost impossible. However, if you want to do the job right, it is best to consider hiring tree removal professionals in Marietta, GA. With proper tools and equipment, the expert will remove the tree from your property quickly and safely. 

So, when is the best time to remove trees? The SoutheastTree team shares a few considerations every Marietta homeowner should know before removing a tree. 

Best Time of The Year to Remove Trees in Marietta, GA

Generally speaking, winter is the best time to remove trees from your property. The trees are dormant during the winter months, making it easier, faster, and less messy to cut and remove them from your lawn. 

Why Winter Is The Best Time to Remove Trees in Marietta, GA

Here are some of the main reasons why winter is the best period of the year to remove trees from your lawn. 

Affordable Tree Removal Fees 

Once the temperatures drop in Marietta, GA, there is less demand for professional tree care services, including removal, pruning, and trimming. That is why some companies offer attractive discounts and lower the cost of their professional services during the winter months. 

Easy Scheduling 

Since the demand for professional tree services is lower in winter, companies have more flexible schedules. Therefore, you can book a site visit, inspection, or tree removal easier and faster. 

Less Messy Removal Process 

Because most trees go dormant during the winter months, they don’t have as many branches and leaves, making the tree removal process more manageable. As a result, the clean-up and other after-removal tasks also go faster and smoother. 

Reduce the Risk of Property Damage 

The winters in Marietta, GA, are short, wet, and cold. Once the temperatures drop down, there is an increased chance of storms and heavy rains. If the tree you plan to remove is old and weak, it poses a greater risk of falling and causing significant property damage during winter. 

Removing it during this period is highly advisable, especially if you want to avoid injury or structural damage. 

Can You Remove a Tree at Any Time? 

If the tree is dangerous to your property, you shouldn’t wait for the ideal season to remove it. 

There are times when removing a tree is urgent, including a deadly disease or dangerous branches. In such cases, removing it from your property is essential. 

When Is the Best Time for Stump Removal?

One of the best times to remove a stump from your property is also winter. During this period, stumps and dead trees no longer grow, which can cause problems for surrounding plants and trees as nutrients don’t spread right. 

Removing stumps during the winter months ensures adequate nutrition for surrounding trees and less harm to the plants.

#1 Tree Company in Marietta, GA  

At SoutheastTree, we serve homeowners from Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas with premium tree care services, including trimming, pruning, and tree removal. 

With more than two decades of experience, we understand the importance of removing a dying or dead tree from your property and taking the necessary measures to complete the task safely and efficiently. Whether removing a small or big tree, we use top-of-the-line tools and adhere to the local codes and regulations. 

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