Comprehensive Tree Removal in Marietta, GA

Tree removal can be necessary for a variety of reasons. It is also an extremely labor-intensive process that is best left to professional arborists. At SoutheastTree, we have the experience and equipment necessary to safely and effectively remove trees from your property. When you need dependable and affordable tree removal in the Marietta, GA, & Atlanta area SoutheastTree has you covered. Our trained arborists will assess your property and make the necessary recommendations for removal. 

The size of a tree and other factors can affect tree removal. Things to consider include:

  • Condition of the tree – Is the tree is healthy and strong or is it dead, dying or felling?
  • Diameter – The diameter of the tree’s trunk affects the amount of work needed, especially when grinding the stump.
  • Location – Trees close to a home or other structure can require more complicated techniques or equipment that may impact the time required to complete the job.

Count on the Professionals at SoutheastTree

No matter how complex or daunting the tree and stump removal may be, SoutheastTree has the manpower and resources for the job. Even an average tree removal carries more risk than most people realize.

When it comes to tree removal in the Marietta, GA, area, don’t make the dangerous choice to attempt this work on your own, and don’t let worry over dead tree removal costs keep you from removing potential danger to yourself and others. Whether you need large tree removal, dead tree removal, fallen tree removal or require an emergency tree removal service, we keep the cost for tree removal low.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree removal necessary for a variety of reasons including aesthetic, safety, and cost. The tree may pose an immediate danger because of its position or damage. Trees with limbs that extend near power lines, for example, are safety, health, and insurance liabilities. For the details on the City Marietta Tree Ordinance, and tree removal permit details, click here to read our recent article.  Here are a couple of other reasons you should consider when it comes to having trees removed:

  • The tree is dying or dead
  • The tree is diseased or damaged
  • The tree’s disease may spread to other plants or shrubs
  • The tree is encroaching on your home, shed, barn, or nearby power lines
  • The tree is blocking your view or creates too much shade
  • The tree is malformed or has significant structural problems
  • The tree is too large for the property
  • The tree is adding to the crowding of plants on your property
  • The tree has sizable cracks or defects in the trunk

#1 Tree Removal Service in the Marietta Area

As a local tree removal service, we understand the unique characteristics of the soil, trees, and other factors in our specific geographic area. Don’t let overgrown branches endanger your property or the property of others. SoutheastTree is your resource for comprehensive tree removal services, including the cutting and removal of limbs or entire trees, debris cleanup and removal, and even stump grinding. At SoutheastTree we offer tree care and tree removal service at a cost you can afford.

Best of all, we offer storm damage cleanup, including the removal of uprooted or severely damaged trees. Our services are available 24/7, so no matter when you need fallen tree removal or other urgent services, SoutheastTree is available to serve you. Next time you’re wondering, “Where can I find professional tree removal near me?” look no further than SoutheastTree.

Choose Us to Clear Trees Safely and Effectively

At SoutheastTree, we only use safe, state-of-the-art equipment to remove trees safely and effectively. We offer both residential and commercial tree removal at competitive rates. Learn more about our services by reaching out to the professionals at SoutheastTree. Our representative will be more than glad to walk you through your options and provide you a free estimate. See for yourself why we’re one of the best tree service and tree removal companies out there. Our lines are open 24/7 for all your tree care needs.


SoutheastTree is one of the best, top rated full-service tree removal companies serving the Atlanta, GA area. Our team of trained arborists are experts in the art and science of removing trees.

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