One of the most common questions regarding tree roots is, “how to remove tree roots from lawn areas.” There are several ways to remove tree roots from your lawn, depending on the type and source of the problem.

In this blog post, Marietta’s tree removal experts advise you on what to do about tree roots in lawns for aesthetic reasons.

Can You Remove Tree Roots from Live Trees

You can safely remove a live tree’s roots from lawn. However, when doing so, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Before removing surface or underground roots, ensure the tree is healthy enough to root prune. If it isn’t, it may not survive the procedure.
  2. If you’re working with a large tree or shrub, consider hiring an arborist rather than doing it yourself.
  3. When removing tree roots from live trees, use sharp tools and avoid using a rototiller or other heavy machinery that could damage the plant’s roots.
  4. After removing the roots, cover them with mulch to prevent them from drying out and cracking when exposed to the air. This may cause disease in the plant’s system leading to death if left untreated.

How to Remove Tree Roots from Lawn Areas

Removing Tree Roots Manually

If you’ve got a tree growing in your lawn and are wondering how to remove tree roots from lawn areas, it may be time to manually remove them.

To do this, you’ll need to dig around the tree and surface roots with a shovel or other sharp tool until you reach the larger roots below. Once you’ve found where it is, use an electric saw or other power tools to cut through it. You’ll also want to cut through any other roots growing out of the ground.

When you have removed all of the roots, fill the hole with soil so those pesky tree roots don’t leave any gaps!

Removing Tree Roots Using Rock Salt or Epsom Salts

To remove tree roots from your lawn using this method, you’ll need the following:

  • Rock salt/Epsom salts
  • Water (optional)
  • A shovel/trowel (optional)

Sprinkle salt over the area where you see signs of tree root damage, then water it well so the soil will absorb it. Use about 1 pound of salt per 100 square feet of lawn space. As one of the best natural methods, the salt will kill off any remaining roots and allow your grass to grow again.

Removing Tree Roots Using Commercially Available Chemicals

Removing tree roots from your lawn can be a tedious, difficult task. You can try to dig up the roots yourself, but you’ll likely need to rent or buy a jackhammer, which is expensive and time-consuming.

When considering how to remove tree roots from lawn and tree stumps quickly, try using a commercially available chemical that will loosen up and kill the roots without harming your grass. This method works well for small trees like maples and willows, but if you have large trees like oaks or pines, it’s better to hire an expert who knows how to use more aggressive removal methods.

Contact Your Local Marietta Arborist for Tree Root Removal and Stump Grinding

If you’re having trouble with tree roots in your lawn spaces, we can help. Southeast Tree offers comprehensive services for removing tree roots and stumps as well as stump grinding.

We provide assessment and consultation to help you learn how to handle girdling roots and will give you a detailed quote outlining our services and pricing. We are confident that we will resolve the issue of tree roots without damaging the integrity of your lawn or other surfaces.

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