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If you are a property owner with trees on your grounds, it is crucial to understand your responsibilities and required actions if a tree needs to be removed. The arborists at Southeast Tree of Marietta, GA, have over 30 year’s experience in tree maintenance and removal. They have put together the following guide to help you understand the rules governing the trees on your property.

Rules About Tree Removal in Marietta, GA

Sometimes, it may be necessary to obtain a tree removal permit to take down a tree on your property. Below you will find details about Marietta, Georgia’s tree removal laws, as well as information about the process of obtaining a permit for the removal of trees.

City of Marietta Permit Information

Laws are different for trees on the grounds of private versus commercial properties.

Private Property and Single Family Dwellings. Generally, no permit is necessary to cut down and remove trees that are on personal property within the limits of the City of Marietta, GA; however, there are some things property owners should keep in mind.

  • Dead or Dying Trees. These must be dealt with appropriately. If a diseased or dying tree falls, a property owner could be held responsible for any damage caused or the cost of subsequent repairs because they have been negligent in caring for the tree.
  • City of Marietta Trees That Fall on Private Property. If you notice that a tree on property owned by the City of Marietta has become hazardous, report it to the City’s Streets Department. Suppose a city tree falls onto private property. In that case, the City of Marietta is only responsible for removing it as far as the property’s border unless the City has previously agreed that the tree is hazardous. Should the City take no action and the tree falls, it must remove the entire fallen tree and might be responsible for additional damages.
  • Private Trees That Fall onto the City of Marietta Property. If a personal tree falls into a street, inform the City of Marietta’s Streets Department. If your tree falls onto a City-owned public space, the City of Marietta’s Parks and Open Space Manager should be notified. Removal of the tree is the property owner’s responsibility up to the property line.
  • Private Trees That Fall onto Another Private Property. The owner of each property must pay the costs of tree removal on his or her grounds.

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties.  In Marietta, GA, before you remove trees from commercial or multi-family properties, you must acquire a permit.

Rules Governing Specimen Trees

Before removing the following trees from the grounds of commercial buildings, specific approval from the City of Marietta is necessary:

  • Hardwoods with diameters of 18” or more
  • Softwoods with diameters of 24” or more
  • Understory trees with diameters of 9” or more

The following specifications mean the trees are considered “specimen” trees:

  • Trees with a life-span of over 15 years
  • Trees with healthy trunks and no signs of disease elsewhere
  • Hardwood trees with less than one significant dead branch
  • Trees without serious insect of pathological problems

The City of Marietta’s tree protection and landscaping Zoning Ordinance contains further information about code requirements and specimen tree removal permits.


Obtaining a Tree Removal Permit

In the CIty of Marietta, submitting a Land Disturbing Activity application is required before any significant land work. The City will not issue any permits before the City’s Department of Development Services has considered the plans and approved them.

The tree removal application process happens in several steps:

  • Download an application form.
  • Print it and fill it out completely.
  • Attach any required, applicable documentation, including:
    • A plan of the site, showing the location of the tree or trees to be removed
    • An arborist or landscape architect’s report detailing the health of the trees to be removed
    • The species of the tree
    • The tree’s diameter, measured at 4.5 feet above the ground
    • Photographs of the tree, including any damage

The contact information for the City of Marietta offices that can help with the permitting process is below:

  • For planning and zoning, contact Rusty Roth, Marietta Development Services at 770-794-5670.
  • For queries about trees in the City’s open spaces, contact Rich Deckman,MariettaParks and Open Spaces at 770-794-5607.
  • For information about trees on the City’s throughways, contact Donnie Lyle,Street Supervisor at 770-794-5678.

Other Permit and Ordinance Questions?

The Planning and Zoning page on the City of Marietta’s website contains further information about the regulations surrounding development, the permit application process, and permit application forms.

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