Released in 2018, the Google Guarantee helps customers find trustworthy businesses. We’ve all spent countless hours scanning the internet to find our area’s best goods and services. Determining which companies to choose requires endless reading of comments and customer reviews, which demands time and energy. The Google Guarantee makes finding reputable companies easier by promoting businesses that best serve their customers. 

Finding the right company to provide tree removal in Marietta, GApresents unique challenges. Various tree service companies offer suspiciously low rates and quick results, but how do you know if the tree service company you hire won’t inevitably disappoint? The Google Guarantee prevents misleading companies from taking advantage of customers. Continue reading about how the Google Guarantee helps you select the best tree service company. 

What Is The Google Guarantee? 

The Google Guarantee represents a stamp of approval from Google that your business provides safe, honest, and reliable services to your customers. Business owners who falsely bolster their reputations with fake reviews and businesses lacking proper licenses do not qualify for the Google Guarantee. To be eligible for the Google Guarantee, companies must undergo background checks of their employees, provide proof of state business licenses, and maintain positive reviews from their customers. Other requirements needed to apply for the Google Guarantee include the following:

  • Up-to-date proof of insurance
  • Up-to-date business registration documentation 
  • Advanced Verification services 

Becoming a Google Guaranteed business may seem rigorous, but it ensures quality companies receive recognition for their excellent service. Google Guarantee businesses rank higher in search results and provide the green checkmark of approval when seen on Google searches. If you notice a business with the Google Guarantee badge, you can trust that company’s unquestionably proven strong business practices. Before investing in expensive digital marketing strategies, see if your business qualifies for the Google Guarantee.

Benefits of Google Guaranteed Tree Service Companies 

Instead of hiring the first tree service company that offers a low price, consider entrusting Google Guarantee to help you find the best option. Tree service companies that abide by the Google Guarantee standards offer customers exceptional results, fair pricing, and dynamic services. Tree service companies approved by Google Guarantee offer services such as: 

  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Land Clearing 
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Free Wood Chips
  • Arborist Services

Since Google maintains absolute and sole discretion over which tree service companies become Google Guaranteed, you can avoid hiring highly-marketed, subpar services from unqualified businesses. Other reasons to consider hiring companies certified by the Google Guarantee include the following: 

Peace Of Mind 

All businesses approved by the Google Guarantee must show proof of state licenses and insurance policies. Tree trimming services require working at dangerous heights and around power lines, so ensuring customers won’t be liable for accidents proves essential. Companies wielding insurance and business licenses prevent homeowners from shouldering the costs of property damage and personal injury. 

Strong Reputations

Google carefully evaluates companies’ customer reviews before approving their Google Guarantee. Businesses unwilling to address negative thoughts or untruthfully posting fake positive reviews quickly become ineligible for the Google Guarantee. Companies’ reputations stem directly from customer satisfaction with initial services, customer service, and quality of work. Google Guarantee allows trustworthy businesses to thrive. 

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