Summer is almost here, and if you have overgrown and damaged trees that do not look their best, you probably wonder, “Can you trim trees in the summer?”

The answer is yes. It is best to trim certain trees during mid-summer. However, you should understand the limitations of summer pruning and the type of trees not to cut during summer. 

Either way, it is best to leave tree trimming to professionals. So, reach out to tree services by SoutheastTree in Marietta and get the best tree pruning services.

Meanwhile, continue reading this article to learn more about tree trimming during summer. 

Top 4 Reasons To Trim Trees in the Summer

Below are four reasons to trim trees in the summer.

1.    Broken Branches

During summer, trees are likely to break their branches from storm winds. Pruning the broken branch is best to prevent it from falling on properties or people once it breaks loose.

Depending on the situation, you may opt to prune or cut down the entire branch. In this case, we recommend hiring a professional tree trimmer.

Tree trimming looks easy but is risky, especially if you do not have the necessary experience and equipment. Once you cut a branch, it falls unpredictably. If not cut properly, it may end up causing damage to other branches.

2.    Dead Branches

There is a risk of a branch hitting a person, house, or car on its way down. It may take years for a dead branch to rot and fall off naturally, which means it could fall when you least expect it. Therefore, it is best to trim dead limbs to prevent injuries or property damage.

It is advisable to remove diseased branches annually to promote safety and aesthetics. This way, you will prevent any damage or injuries if the branch falls unexpectedly.

3.    Tree Transplant

You may want to build a new addition to your home that requires tree removal. Instead of cutting down the tree, you might decide to transplant it.

Before transplanting, you must trim at least 1/3 of the tree’s top and cut down all the leaves to enable the tree to survive the shock.

4.    Reshaping a Tree

Sometimes, you may want to reshape your trees during summer. For example, the power company may misshape your trees when clearing obstructions along the power lines.

In such a case, try to cut no more than one inch in diameter. Trimming exposes trees to undue stress. They need tender love and care to recover.

Trees To Trim in the Summer

Certain tree species respond well to trimming during mid-summer. The trees release a lot of sap, so you want to cut them when they have the least sap flowing.

Here is a list of trees to trim in the summer:

  • Deciduous trees like birch, maple, and walnut
  • Evergreens
  • Fruit trees

Late trimming leaves the trees vulnerable to diseases and pests. It is best to trim the trees during mid-summer to give them enough time to heal.

Why You Need an Arborist To Trim Your Trees

You now have the answer to your question, “Can you trim trees in the summer?” Still, there is the question of whether to do the trimming yourself or hire an arborist.

Hiring a professional to trim your trees come with various benefits. First, they remove the tree branches with precision, saving you the stress of safety concerns. They will also shape your tree to enable it to grow according to your preference.

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