As a property owner, you may take pride in handling projects around your home. For example, many enjoy mowing their lawns, tending to their gardens, or trimming their hedges and shrubs. As such, you may find yourself asking, “Can I remove a tree myself?” 

After all, you may think that tree removals are expensive and that you can save a few bucks handling the task yourself. However, leaving this job to the professionals is better unless you’re a certified tree arborist. Below, we explore why you should schedule professional tree removal in Marietta, GA

Tree Removals Are Dangerous 

Certified tree technicians don’t have a bunch of equipment for no reason. Removing a tree is a dangerous task for numerous reasons besides height. While the species of trees do influence this danger factor, even smaller trees can present issues, such as: 

  • If the tree has diseases, it might be weakened, increasing the chances of falling.
  • It can take time to predict the direction that a tree will fall. Besides snapping some power lines, a falling tree can also hit people below. 

Injuries Can Be Long-lasting 

It’s essential to understand precisely how badly you can injure yourself or others when cutting down a tree. Aside from falling to the ground, other common tree injuries include:

  • Deep gashes
  • A stray branch impaling you 
  • A tree trunk pinning you down

Medical bills can quickly pile up, and if you hit a passerby or neighbor, they can hold you liable for a personal injury claim. 

Cutting Trees Can Cause Property Damage

Another reason why the answer is no to “Can I remove a tree myself?” is property damage. Tree care professionals are conscientious about removing a tree from a property. They ensure a tree doesn’t hit anything below or damage your roof, walls, windows, etc. 

You Probably Don’t Have All the Necessary Equipment 

You need much more than a chainsaw or axe to cut down a tree safely. Tee care professionals arrive armed with plenty of tools, including reliable safety equipment. 

You Might Need a Tree Removal Permit

While the law varies across regions, most states require a tree removal permit before removing any trees from your property. A permit is especially needed if you’re trying to remove a healthy tree. 

Attempting to remove a tree yourself without a permit can lead to hefty fines. You may even face a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge in some situations. 

Removing Trees Takes a Lot of Time, Energy, and Patience 

Removing a tree can take several sessions, even for a tree care professional. This process typically includes cutting off several branches and chunks of the tree’s base. 

Of course, it can also leave behind a huge mess. So before proceeding, you’ll need to eliminate these extra branches and chunks. Most tree care professionals include a clean-up service in their bill. 

Lastly, you may still need to eliminate the tree roots and stump, which can be a frustrating experience itself. 

You May Not Need to Remove the Tree Afterall 

It’s better only to remove your tree if you have to. However, unless you’re an arborist, you probably won’t know whether this is a choice. If a tree grows too close to your property, an arborist may suggest trimming or pruning instead of removal.

SoutheastTree Can Help Today 

When asking, “Can I remove a tree myself?” the short answer is no. The longer answer is that you should let our team handle the job. 

To learn more about tree care, read how you can save leaning trees after a storm or call our team at SoutheastTree in Marietta, GA, at (770) 977-8733.


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