Does your property now have a tree leaning after storm or hurricane damage? Is it possible to save it? Can it recover and move back to its original stature?

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Why Trees Could Be Leaning Over After A Storm

The short answer to whether you can save a tree that’s leaning is yes. However, there is more to it than you might imagine. Part of the problem is that there are several reasons the tree might be leaning over, and the right intervention depends on finding out why.

The Tree Was Already Off-balance

Was the tree already leaning before the storm? These specimens often become unstable against strong winds and heavy rain. Inevitably, they will lean more precariously than before and be at risk of falling over.

Poor Soil Conditions Has Affected Stability

Is the soil naturally rocky or compacted? The ground may be unable to hold up the tree or stabilize its root system under pressure. Trees lean in poor soil after a severe storm because there is no support for them against wind and water damage.

There is New Evidence of Root Damage

If a storm or something else damages the roots of the tree, the main trunk may lean even more than before the storm hit. This scenario often happens when there is significant root damage near where the trunk meets the ground (these are called the buttressing roots).

A Sudden Lightning Strike Wreaks Havoc

Lightning easily causes a tree to lean to one side, especially if it strikes near the main trunk. The electrical power in one lightning strike can break branches and tear off the bark. It also damages the roots of a tree, destroying its support. 

The tree will also lean when a lightning strike causes a fire to break out among the roots or supporting trunk.

Tips for Saving The Tree Leaning After Storm Damage

If you have a tree leaning after a hurricane or rainstorm, the first step is to assess the damage. If the tree does not seem to be leaning too far, it may be salvageable. An intact trunk and firmly planted roots are good signs.

However, if the tree is leaning over significantly after a storm, you may need professional intervention from ISA-certified arborists like Our intervention process typically starts with the following checks:

  • Check the root ball. Is it intact? If so, we can often save the tree by pruning it and supporting it in its original position.
  • Assess the size of the tree. Is the tree large enough to pose a danger to people and property beneath it if it falls? If not, we may be able to reposition it and do some selective pruning for adequate regrowth.

If your tree sustains significant root damage, it will die eventually. However, most trees benefit from some intervention from an experienced team like ours. It might involve pruning damaged tree branches with a chainsaw or using ropes or chains to pull the trunk upright and away from structures.

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