When Is It Considered a Tree Emergency?

Trees are excellent additions to your landscape, adding shade, color, texture, and value to your property. Unfortunately, certain situations can present significant safety hazards to you, your family, and your property.

While several tree emergency services are available in the area, it can be challenging to differentiate between a routine problem and an emergency that needs prompt addressing. This post aims to help you separate the two.

Common Examples of Tree Emergencies

Leaning Tree

While many people think that a leaning tree is standard, this is not true. Leaning trees are often under some form of stress. Various things could cause your tree to lean.

For starters, the tree could have been exposed to heavy wind gusts. In other cases, diseases like fungal infections can impact the tree’s roots and decay its wood, causing it to lean. Not attending to a leaning tree increases the chances of experiencing tree falls.

Trunk Damage

Trunk damage is another example of a tree emergency. This damage stems from various issues, ranging from improper pruning to contact with an automobile. While you can save the tree if the damage is minimal, if it is extensive, consulting an emergency tree service should be a priority.

Storm Damage

This is one of the most straightforward examples of a tree emergency. In some cases, you might experience storms like tornadoes that could knock down your trees onto your driveway, vehicles, or even your roof.

Always contact a professional after a tree or large branch has fallen onto your roof because it could damage your home, causing leaks and significant water damage. Additionally, most insurance companies will only consider a claim if professionals handle the issue.

Subtle Signs That You Might Need Emergency Tree Services

Besides the common examples we have shared above, many homeowners might miss subtle tree emergency instances. Hiring tree service professionals will not only make sure your trees are well-maintained and healthy, but they can also spot signs of impending emergencies. The following are a few signs of damage that will require emergency tree services.

Decaying Roots

Your tree’s roots make up its structural support system. Any damage to this system leaves your tree vulnerable to falls, especially in strong winds. As such, you should always pay attention to the condition of the roots and contact an arborist if you notice any decay or damage.

Dead Branches

When it comes to dead branches, there are two things you need to consider. The first is that dead branches are not firmly attached to the tree and can fall during storms, causing damage and injury.

Second, if the dead branches are on a single side of the tree, it means your tree has a structural problem, and its balance is compromised. Both these scenarios will require immediate attention.

Fungus at the Roots

On some occasions, the mushrooms growing at your tree’s base are a sign of internal rot or root disease. While this isn’t always the case, it is best to reach out to an arborist to evaluate the situation.

Hollow Trunk

Your tree’s outside can live longer than the inside, with some trees often living with a degree of hollowing out. While this is not an automatic reason for tree removal, if a third of the trunk is hollow, you should reach out to a tree company to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.

Proximity to Power Lines

In wet weather, electricity can arc ten feet to wet tree foliage, grounding out and causing power failure or property damage. Fortunately, arborists have the proper training and tree removal permits in Marietta, GA, to provide you with the necessary service.

Emergency Tree Services in Marietta, GA

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