Are you looking to plant more trees in your yard in Atlanta? Or better understand the trees you see every day in the city? Atlanta is home to a wide variety of vegetation and that includes the trees found in the city.

There are some trees you might see a lot more of, and knowing those common trees in Atlanta can help you better understand the environment and what to plant.

1. Southern Live Oak

The southern live oak is an obvious first choice as it is the State Tree of Georgia. It is indigenous to the area and has been around for a long time, standing with great strength. If you want this native species in your yard, make sure you have the space.

As with many trees in the south, the southern live oak spreads out and offers great shade for a lot of space. It’s not a good option if you have minimal room to work with.

2. Magnolia Tree

The magnolia tree is a beautiful flowering tree and can make an excellent addition to your yard. However, some magnolia trees are non-native species. If you’re looking to plant, it’s best to go with a native species of magnolia like sweetbay magnolia, bigleaf magnolia, or umbrella magnolia.

3. White Dogwood

The white dogwood is another of the Georgia trees that flowers and are beautiful no matter the season. They grow well with some shade, so you don’t need to plant them out in the full sun to still receive the blossoms in spring and summer.

4. Red Maple

The red maple tree is also very fast-growing and an excellent option if you want a pop of color that grows up fast in your yard. Like the southern live oak, they also grow very large so consider how much space you have before planting.

They will also grow fast, and that doesn’t work for everyone. If you have a red maple that needs to be trimmed or helped with its growth, there are arborist services that can help your trees.

5. Peach Tree

Another classic Georgia tree is the peach tree. Georgia is the peach state, and this tree grows very well in the climate. It needs full sun to grow well and will offer you peaches from late June to August.

A special mention also goes to the pear tree, which is common in Georgia as well. They do just as well as peach trees in the climate, though this does not apply to all kinds of pear trees, only those growing oriental and Asian pears.

Common Trees in Atlanta

Whether you just moved to the state or are looking to plant some more trees in your yard, knowing the common trees in Atlanta can help you be more aware of your new home and what native species to choose from. Planting a tree is a big decision, as it will likely be there for as long as you live in your home.

Think about the space you have for a tree and what kind of conditions it needs to thrive best. Soon your yard will be filled with beautiful flowers, cooling shade, to even some delicious fruit. And if you need help taking care of your trees, there are plenty of tree services available to help.


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