There are thousands of different types of evergreen trees on the earth. If you’re looking to have a well-landscaped yard in Georgia, evergreen trees are a great choice. They can provide you with much-needed shade, privacy, and foliage all year long. 

Evergreen means that your trees will stay green, no matter the time of year. They’ll also continue to grow more leaves as their dead ones fall off. Most people consider Christmas and pine trees to be evergreens, but there are countless other options. 

This guide will go over the best evergreen trees for your yard in Georgia. 

Wax Myrtle

Wax myrtle is a shrub or tree that does great in the full sun. It has medium-sized green leaves and fragrant foliage. It also grows small blueberries that birds are attracted to. 


There are both deciduous and evergreen hollies that come in a variety of sizes. You can go with the wet-tolerant and shrub-like Inkberry, or the large American holly. If you want a tree that sprouts berries, make sure you plant both the female and male varieties. 

Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern red cedar is sometimes called a Juniper. It’s a soft-needled tree that’s often used for Christmas trees. You’ll see it often lining the fences around pastures. 

The wood from an Eastern red cedar is incredibly fragrant. Birds also love to make their nests in this tree. 

Evergreen Magnolias

Another great landscaping tree is the Southern magnolia. It’s native to Georgia’s coast but you can find it in a variety of nurseries. 

Another native evergreen magnolia is the Sweetbay magnolia. It’s one of the best evergreen trees for wet conditions. 

Florida Anise

Florida anise trees are great for not only being shade tolerant but for their beautiful foliage. The foliage is incredibly fragrant when you get close to it. Depending upon your sensitivity to floral smells, you might want to check this tree out in person before planting it in your yard. 


Hemlock trees also do well in partial shade. The Eastern hemlock variety is the one that’s most available for planting in Georgia. 

Hemlocks are medium to large-sized, growing up to nearly 200 feet tall. These trees are a great option for foundation plantings or privacy screening. 


You can find rhododendrons in most local nurseries and is part of the azalea family. It boasts large blossoms and comes in several different varieties that can get quite large. 

What’s great about rhododendron is that their large leaves stay green throughout the fall or winter seasons. If you live in a colder area, it’s recommended to add some mulch to the base of the plant. 

Mountain Laurel

The mountain laurel delivers dazzling blooms that does well in both the mountains and gardens. The “minuet” and “elf” are the two dwarf varieties of the plant. It’s best to plant them higher up so they can get adequate drainage. 

Carolina Cherry Laurel 

The Carolina cherry laurel is great for privacy and sprouts little berries. Some of the varieties are very dense and have smooth, tapered leaves. 

These trees can grow up to 35 feet tall. When crushed, their leaves smell like maraschino cherries. 

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