If you’re a tree owner, the hurricane season can feel like a harrowing time. Mighty oaks and slender pines alike face these swirling tempests, often causing damage to your home in the process. Instead of leaving everything to chance, why not consider some preventative care for your living landscape?

As Marietta’s professional tree trimming and pruning crew, we at SoutheastTree.com fully understand the plight of hurricane tree damage and its effects on our community. Keep reading as we discuss the best strategy to shield your beloved specimens and home against a coming storm.

Why Pruning Is the Answer to Storm Preparedness

Regular trimming is essentially the arboriculture version of an insurance policy, helping your trees weather storms better so they cause less damage to your home. Here’s why.

Eliminate Weak Spots

First and foremost, trimming eliminates weak or dead limbs that can easily become wind-swept projectiles during a hurricane. These airborne hazards pose a significant risk to your property and can easily turn a manageable storm into a costly disaster. 

Lessen Wind Resistance

Secondly, it reduces the overall “sail effect” of your plants. Just as a ship’s sail catches the wind to propel it forward, untrimmed trees catch the wind, causing them to sway violently during hurricanes, leading to unnecessary strain and potential storm damage to your property. 

A well-pruned plant, on the other hand, allows wind to pass through more easily, reducing the stress on the structure. 

Create a Desirable Structure

Did you know that strategic trimming can lead to a more stable tree shape? Certain techniques guide the tree to develop a strong center and a balanced distribution of branches. 

This steady, robust structure significantly lowers the chance of splitting or collapsing under the pressure of hurricane-force winds. Not only does your specimen look trim and terrific, but it’s also tougher than ever in the face of stormy weather.

Specimens That Need the Most Attention

If you have a multitude of trees on your property, it’s wise to prioritize the ones more vulnerable to hurricane tree damage so you can protect your home.

Trees With Dense Canopies

Densely packed canopies create a bit of a liability during hurricane season. They act like a wind sail, trapping gusts and increasing the chance of breakage and toppling onto your house or driveway.

Weakened Trees

Like a weakened immune system in humans, infected or infested trees become more susceptible to storm damage. They lack the strength to withstand high winds and are more likely to break or lose limbs. Specimens with existing wounds from a previous storm are also more prone to additional damage.

Trees With Codominant Trunks

These trees have two or more main stems, or leaders, each vying for dominance. This structure creates a weak point where the stems meet — a perfect spot for breaking apart under stormy assault. Proper tree pruning can help establish a single dominant trunk and reduce the risk of trees breaking off in the wind and hitting your house.

Seek Help From a Certified Arborist

Let’s face it; Mother Nature isn’t always a gentle matriarch. Sometimes, she’s a wild woman letting loose a hurricane that can turn your stately elms into oversized toothpicks. If you want to give your trees the best chance to survive these storms while protecting your home from flying limbs, don’t hesitate to get help from an ISA-certified arborist. 

At SoutheastTree.com, we can assess your landscape and recommend a tailor-fit solution. From eliminating tree hazards to properly trimming weak limbs, we can help your trees become hurricane-ready!

Call 770-977-8733 (TREE) today. Explore our blog and learn what to do about a tree leaning after a storm, how to assess hurricane tree damage, and more.


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