Removing large trees from confined spaces helps beautify landscapes, reduce safety hazards, and prevent dying trees from becoming fallen trees. But how should residential and commercial property owners remove large trees from tight locations? Never attempt to remove trees exceeding eight feet without the help of Marietta’s tree removal experts

Professional arborists have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to remove large, dying trees efficiently and effectively. When looking for a reliable tree service company, request multiple quotes from various businesses and double-check that the experts you hire have experience removing large trees from confined spaces. A tree removal company with relaxed safety protocols and minimal expertise can not safely trim, prune, or remove trees from your property. 

Knowing When to Remove Dying Trees 

Property owners often feel unsure about when to remove dying trees. Many deciduous trees appear dead during winter when in reality, maple, birch, and oak trees enter a brief dormancy period and lose their leaves throughout the colder winter months. Signs to watch out for when removing large trees include: 

  • Reduced foliage growth 
  • Discolored bark 
  • Insect infestations
  • Epicormic growth 
  • Frost cracks
  • Dead branches
  • Tree leaf diseases (Chlorosis and Necrosis) 

Professional tree removal services can help you differentiate dying trees from dormant trees. Many expert arborists also offer low-cost soil quality testing and tree health maintenance services to protect your trees from further harm. Research your city’s permit regulations regarding the safe conditions required to remove large trees from your residential or commercial property. 

How Experts Remove Large Trees from Confined Spaces 

A confined space includes small backyards, narrow areas between adjacent buildings, and space around utility lines. For example, homeowners benefit from removing large trees that have interwoven with electricity lines and grown extensive branches over roofs and into windows. Trunk diameter professionals will conduct detailed tree examinations to confirm your need for tree removal. 

Experts use the following methods and techniques when removing large hazard trees from confined spaces on your property: 

Selective Trimming 

Selective trimming remains the safest way to remove large trees from confined spaces. Professionals begin by removing every branch, starting from your tree’s bottom and working their way up. Then arborists remove the tree trunk in multiple sections, starting from the tree’s top and working their way down. 

Crane Removal 

Professional arborists may opt for the crane removal strategy in especially tight locations. Arborists loosen the soil surrounding your tree’s base before using a crane to remove large trees. Tree service experts hoist large trees to less confined spaces for tree chopping, trimming, and removal services. 

Conventional Falling 

Some highly-trained arborists may feel confident enough in their abilities to fall dying trees in confined spaces using conventional methods. Experts make angled cuts into the tree trunk to create a wedge, directing fallen trees away from homes, roofs, windows, utility lines, and pedestrians. Removing large trees in confined spaces with conventional techniques poses many safety risks, so avoid this methodology whenever possible. 

How to Avoid Removing Large Trees 

Removing 100 feet tall trees from your property can disrupt your daily routine and negatively impact your landscape’s appearance. Consider the following tips for growing healthy trees and avoiding the need for tree removal services: 

  • Use deep-watering techniques 
  • Inspect trees monthly for diseases and insect infestations
  • Cable leaning trees exposed to high winds
  • Trim and prune your trees twice a year 

Tree Service Professionals You Can Trust 

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