At SoutheastTree, Marietta’s tree removal service, clients often ask, “Should I cut down a tree close to my house?” There is no simple answer because it depends on a range of factors. However, if larger trees cause structural damage, we may recommend tree removal. 

Read on to learn more about how a tree service evaluates whether the tree is hazardous or not. 

When Is a Tree too Close to a House? 

Whether or not removal is in order depends on the type of tree and the danger it poses. If there is a chance that the tree will fall on the house or the roots may damage the foundations, you should remove it. 

A tree’s roots can cause extensive damage to paving, walls, and even the strongest foundations. Signs of damage include: 

  • Patios, pathways, and paving buckle as the roots push the ground up. 
  • Crumbling walls or concrete.
  • Roots pushing through basement walls. 
  • Damaged pipes. 

What to Do if You Suspect a Tree Is a Hazard

Determine if the Tree Is Dangerous 

Step one is to establish what, if any, danger the tree poses. Your best option here is to bring in a professional so they can do a thorough investigation. However, if you want to try the assessment yourself, learn everything you can about the tree species. Ask questions like: 

  • How big will it get? 
  • How extensive is its root system? 
  • Is it in good condition? 
  • How close is the tree to a building? 
  • Is there a chance of the tree falling onto the building? 
  • Can heavy branches break off and hit the house? 

If the tree is ill or appears to be dying, the answer to “Should I cut down a tree close to my house?” is “Yes.” It’s usually good practice to remove a dead tree, regardless of where it is. 

Working with a Professional

Is the tree in imminent danger of falling? If so, contact a certified arborist immediately. We can use wires to secure the trunk and hold the tree in place until we can remove it. 

We don’t recommend trying this yourself, as it takes some skill to set up the wires correctly. They will be under a great deal of pressure and so can form a serious danger if they snap. 

Removing the Trees

When it comes to removing the tree, you need help if it is large. A young tree is manageable if you cut off the branches one at a time. Cut symmetrically around the tree to ensure that the trunk does not overbalance. Finally, cut the trunk into manageable pieces that you can safely lower to the ground. 

When it comes to bigger trees, the situation becomes trickier. The sheer size of the plant may mean it is necessary to bring in big machinery to reach the uppermost branches. As these sections will be heavy, you may also need heavy machinery to lower them to the ground safely. 

The cost of hiring an arborist is minimal compared to the risk of accidentally felling the tree onto your home. Insurance is unlikely to pay a claim for damage if you avoid hiring a professional, so the expense can be extensive. 

Contact the Professionals for the Best Service

We seldom recommend that you remove a tree yourself. As certified arborists, we can assess the danger the tree poses and whether it’s feasible to move it. If you want the best possible answer to “Should I cut down a tree close to a house?” contact SoutheastTree. Schedule your consultation by calling (770) 977-8733 today!


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