Trimming trees is a vital part of tree management. It keeps trees healthy and the surrounding areas safe, free from falling branches and other dead matter.

But, is there a particular benefit to trimming trees in a specific season—for instance, during the winter months? While pruning trees in spring, summer, or fall makes more sense due to the better weather conditions, there are excellent reasons why trimming trees in winter is prudent.

In this post, we examine five good reasons to contract a professional tree service in Marietta by SoutheastTree.

5 Top Reasons for Trimming Trees in Winter

Winter Pruning Is Less Stressful as Trees Are Dormant

You can trim trees in spring and summer, but it is not necessarily good for them because trees are growing and producing leaves and fruit during these warmer months.

Trimming trees in winter is best because the trees experience less stress due to their dormancy as there are no other competing processes that could put undue stress on the tree.

It’s Easier for Arborists to See Tree Branches in Winter

In fall, deciduous trees lose their leaves and reveal the branch structure. For arborists, it is easier to identify diseased or dead branches. Once professionals identify dead or diseased branches, it’s easier for them to perform an inspection and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Late Pruning in Winter Promotes New Spring Growth

Winter is an excellent time to prune trees because it gives them enough time to recover before the spring growing season. Getting rid of dead weight also ensures that the tree does not waste the energy generated during photosynthetic processes on these branches.

Winter Pruning Prevents the Spread of Disease

Winter pruning avoids spreading tree diseases that spread more quickly in the warmer months. These include fire blight, oak wilt, and Dutch elm disease.

This lower risk of disease is thanks to the colder winter weather in which cooler conditions and dead or dormant bacteria, insects, fungi, or parasites are not able to transmit disease from branch to branch. This policy of winter pruning benefits sensitive trees like elms.

Arborists prune evergreen trees such as fir and spruce and vulnerable shade trees such as maple, oak, sweetgum, and katsura in late winter before the new spring growth (and potential spreading of disease) begins.

Winter Pruning Jobs Are More Efficient and Cost-Effective

In Georgia, the winter months are cooler to work in; the ground also freezes in winter, making it effortless for our crews to bring in heavy equipment and carry out heavy-duty tree work without damaging your landscape.

This results in better outcomes and lower costs, especially when carrying out large and complex tree removals and pruning jobs.

Contact Our SoutheastTree Marietta Arborists for a Custom Tree Pruning Plan

Winter is an excellent time to prune primarily because it is easier for professionals to carry out the job and identify damaged or diseased branches. However, that doesn’t mean pruning at other times of the year isn’t healthy for your trees.

SoutheastTree’s Marietta tree trimming and pruning experts will help you formulate a focused tree pruning and management plan that works for you year-round. Our trained professionals can trim your trees if they deem the branches dangerous to improve the tree health, allow in more sunlight, increase air circulation, or improve your view of your property by raising the tree canopy.

Contact our team of experienced and licensed arborists to discuss your requirements for a customized tree-pruning plan. Call SoutheastTree at (770) 977-8733 (TREE) or request a free consultation online. 


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