If you live in an area prone to lightning strikes, it is essential to be aware of the dangers of being near a tree that was struck by lightning. If the tree on your property suffers lightning damage, you will need to act quickly to prevent further damage from occurring to the tree and your property.

 A tree struck by lightning can be hazardous, and you should take certain steps to contain the tree as soon as possible to reduce the risk of it falling and causing further property damage.

This article will cover how to care for a tree after a lightning strike and some hazards you should know about. Fortunately, our tree service experts in Marietta can help solve your problem quickly and affordably.

How Lighting Causes Damage to Trees

In many cases of lightning strikes, the tree struck by lightning suffers severe damage. In some cases, the lightning may even cause the tree to explode and impact the surrounding area. The leading cause of this damage is the electrical current that runs from the lightning bolt into the ground and the tree.

Once the electricity enters the tree, it can cause extensive damage that could potentially kill the tree if it does not receive proper care. Therefore, for safety reasons, you should contain the tree as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of it causing further harm.

How to Care for a Tree After It Is Struck by Lightning

If the tree is still upright but damaged, the best course of action is to cut off the top of the tree so that it is in a more manageable position. A smaller tree is easier to move and will likely recover faster than a larger tree that a lightning strike damages.

Cutting off the top of the tree will limit the amount of destruction caused by the electrical charge and reduce the chance of further issues to the surrounding property. Once you’ve cut the tops off the tree, if the damage is too extensive for recovery, you can start removing it from your property and take it to a tree removal company so that they can dispose of it properly.

Since it can be difficult to cut these trees with hand saws, it is often better to call in a professional tree removal service when dealing with significant tree damage. They will be able to remove the entire tree quickly and safely and haul it away, so you don’t have to worry about putting yourself or your property at risk.

How to Help a Tree Recover

If the damage is not significant enough to kill the tree, applying the correct type of care is essential to promote recovery. Be sure to water the tree regularly to keep it hydrated and prevent it from drying each strip of bark.

You may also need to trim any broken branches, so they don’t fall and land on your home or car. Pruning will also help to strengthen the tree and make it more resilient in the future.

Get Help with Lightning Damaged Trees Today

Since caring for a tree struck by lightning can be quite challenging, it’s a good idea to contact a local professional arborist for assistance. If you need help with a tree that was struck by lightning on your property in Marrieta, the team at SoutheastTree is ready to help.

Our experts can help you care for your damaged tree and help you learn more about the correct tree trimming techniques to promote regrowth. Call SoutheastTree at (770) 977-8733 (TREE) today to get started.


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