The Leyland cypress is a stately evergreen with emerald green foliage that feathers out from the trunk. Its quick growth and broad, pyramidal stature make it a privacy favorite of homeowners everywhere. Have you fallen in love with the idea of a Leyland cypress taking root on your property? Check out these care tips recommended by Marietta’s certified arborist at SoutheastTree.  

Leyland Cypress Varieties

Leyland cypresses come in myriad amazing varieties! You’ll be hard-pressed to pick just one. Discover some famously-known and well-loved types. 

  • Emerald Isle is a popular choice on account of its slower, more manageable growth rate. 
  • Silver Dust is an attractive tree with variegated foliage that oscillates between creamy white at the fringes and classic emerald green toward the trunk. 
  • Naylor’s Blue boasts a deep, dusty blueish-green color.
  • Leighton Green makes an excellent choice for holiday decorations due to its intense green foliage. 

You can use the same basic care required by all Leyland cypresses. They may also be catch some diseases without proper, consistent care. 

#1 Choose a Well-Lit Location

Choose a spot that stays sunny all day long. Although Leyland cypresses can survive in partial shade, they do best with plenty of sun year-round. Don’t plant your tree in a shady location as your tree will not thrive without ample light.

Deep shade stunts the tree’s growth and may cause it to lose limbs. It sheds branches in an attempt to receive more sun. Thus, it loses its characteristic fullness.

#2 Pick Nourishing, Well-Draining Soil

Plant your new Leyland cypress during cool, crisp autumn weather. The stately trees go dormant at this time, focusing their growth efforts on their roots. Gently untangle and spread the root ball out prior to planting.

Pick a location with rich, well-draining soil. Although your impressive Leyland cypresses can thrive in a variety of soils, they do best in areas with light, fertile soil. Don’t place them in spots with dense, damp dirt. This may cause root rot which will kill the tree. 

#3 Water Deeply After Planting

Although Leyland cypresses are moderately drought tolerant, you ought to water them deeply in the weeks after you plant them. This practice assists them in developing a strong root system that moves deep into the ground. It also ensures that the trees can easily acquire much-needed nutrients.

Your trees should become established after a few months. Once they do become accustomed to their new homes, you should water them each week. Provide a gallon of water for each foot of growth to quench the tree’s thirst. 

#4 Fertilize Annually

In early spring or late winter, fertilize your magnificent trees. These gorgeous evergreens thrive with a balanced fertilizer that releases slowly. Shop for bags of 10-10-10 products at home improvement stores or garden centers.

Alternatively, many garden centers have fertilizers formulated for evergreens. Explore the inventory at a local garden center to find the best product for your tree. 

#5 Seek Professional Pruning Services

Leyland cypresses have complex pruning needs that go far beyond the basic removal of dead or damaged limbs. Thinning promotes airflow and sunlight. They also need pruning practices in order to address and control their wildly aggressive growth. 

These trees grow quickly and get out of control without proper annual pruning! Schedule pruning services with an arborist in the spring for growth management and to promote the tree’s overall health.  

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