Trees are like any other living thing: they need love and attention to stay healthy, robust, and thriving. It can feel unnerving when you suddenly realize your favorite specimen shows signs of stress or illness, but don’t give up yet!

As one of the leading arborist services in Marietta, GA, we know exactly how to save a stressed tree. Read our practical, step-by-step guide below to learn how to help yours get back on its feet.

Always Account for Your Surroundings

Let’s begin with one of the most important aspects of tree care: the species! It might feel tempting to pick any tree based on aesthetics alone, but this often spells disaster. Trees need to suit their environment and climate, or they’ll struggle to survive.

Consider factors like soil type, sun exposure, and temperature swings. If you don’t know what’s best for your area, consult a local expert at SoutheastTree. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris
  • Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora)
  • Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)
  • Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens)

Follow the Right Watering Schedule 

Water helps plants absorb vital nutrients, ward off disease and keep foliage healthy. Without it, they can quickly become vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Drought-stressed trees often drop leaves and have wilted, yellowing foliage. Give it a good deep soaking once a week or every two weeks, depending on the season and soil type.

Also, watch out for overwatering. Factors such as poor drainage, clay-heavy soil, and too much supplemental irrigation can lead to root rot.

Watch Out for Threats!

The southeastern United States is especially prone to certain plant pests and diseases. When left unchecked, things like bark beetles, caterpillars, fungi, and cankerworms can wreak havoc on your coniferous and deciduous trees.

Keep an eye out for these top warning signs:

  • Chewed or distorted foliage
  • Damaged tree trunks
  • Unusual looking masses
  • Dieback (branches dying from the tip)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a specialist, as they’ll know how to save a stressed tree. Taking chances with store-bought solutions could cause more harm than good.

Watch Out for Lawn-Related Problems

We highly discourage planting grass right up to the trunk. Doing so leaves your tree open to lawnmower and weed eater damage, nutrition loss, compacted soil, and other problems.

Applying excessive weed control substances around the specimen and on its exposed surface roots can cause stress to the tree and result in curled foliage. To avoid this, it’s best to provide the tree with ample surface area to thrive without interference from nearby plants.

Practice Pruning

Pruning (or trimming) is the process of cutting off dead or dying branches to promote healthy growth and development, but take care not to overdo it! Many assume that infestations and disease play the most significant roles in poor tree health, but it’s actually human-caused damages that tend to have the most far-reaching consequences. 

Ensure you only prune when necessary and use the right techniques, or you could do more harm than good. Most trees need only light trimming once a year during their dormant season.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Let’s face it: landscape upkeep isn’t a hobby for everyone. If you’re worried about how to save a stressed tree, we can swiftly address your concerns. Our IPA-certified team uses the latest technology and up-to-date industry practices to

  • Bring back plants from the brink of death
  • Maintain their health
  • Make them more beautiful
  • And more

Call the expert arborists at SoutheastTree at (770) 977-8733 today, and let’s get started! We also recommend visiting our blog to learn how to prevent leaf scars, among other helpful topics.


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