Although aphids are very small garden pests, they are a huge problem that can wreak havoc on plants and trees over time. Homeowners must address aphid infestations swiftly to prevent them from overtaking their trees and garden. Unfortunately, many Marietta, GA, residents don’t know how to get rid of aphids on large trees efficiently, allowing them to spiral out of control.

That’s why SoutheastTree created a guide to teach you how to eliminate aphids so your trees can continue to thrive.

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What Are Aphids?

Aphids are common garden pests that feed on plant and tree sap, causing severe damage that can kill them over time. They chew on the plant or tree’s leaves to harvest the sap and often multiply at an incredibly rapid rate. They also secrete a sticky substance called honeydew that attracts other pests like ants, furthering your pest problem.

Once aphids colonies establish, they can overtake a property in a matter of weeks or even days, transforming your garden into their own personal buffet. 

Fortunately, eliminating aphid infestations isn’t too difficult if you take action quickly. However, the longer you wait, the harder aphids are to get rid of. Always address aphids as soon as you notice them in your trees or garden.

How to Remove Aphids from Large Trees

Learning how to get rid of aphids on large trees is easier than most people think. It doesn’t require expensive pest solutions or services, allowing you to control aphids without spending a small fortune. Below are a few efficient ways to eliminate aphid infestations from large trees and plants.

1. Plant Flowers Around Trees

The best way to get rid of aphids is to attract beneficial insects to your property. Planting a few flowers around an infested tree will lure parasitic wasps, ladybugs, and other insects that feed on aphids, helping you eliminate them naturally.

2. Create a Homemade Insecticidal Soap

If a large number of aphids have already established in the tree, combine two teaspoons of traditional dish soap into some relatively warm water and spray it on the aphids and tree. This will suffocate the aphids and eventually kill off the colonies. 

It’s also a good idea to spray neighboring trees with the soap solution to protect them from potential aphid infestations. Taking preventive measures to hinder infestations beforehand is the best way to keep your property pest-free, allowing your trees to flourish throughout the year.

3. Spray Them with Pressurized Water

The easiest yet less effective way to remove aphids from large trees is to spray them with pressurized water. The water pressure will throw them off of the tree, preventing them from harvesting sap. However, it’s best to use one of the methods above since they’re more effective and provide longer-lasting results.

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