Young trees and shrubs can be challenging to care for, but you can ensure that your new tree thrives

with the right set of guidelines and a little TLC. No two trees are exactly alike, and a combination of factors may contribute to their care.

In this article, we expound on how to care for a new tree. We also give you tree care tips from the professional tree service in Sandy Springs by Southeast Tree to give your newly planted tree the best start possible.

How to Care for a New Tree: 4 Best Practices

Dig the Right Size Planting Hole

The first thing you need to know about properly planting a new tree is to make the hole two to three times wider than the root mass of the tree, but never deeper than the plant was growing in its previous environment.

In addition, look for the tree trunk diameter or flare near the soil level. Ensure that soil isn’t covering it at all.

Don’t Plant Too Deeply

One of the most common mistakes made by beginning gardeners is planting a new tree too deeply. If you’re planting a bare-root plant (such as a shrub or tree), use the soil line on the stem as a guide.

No soil line? Then measure down from the top of the root ball to ensure that you’ll be setting your plant at the correct depth. Planting the balled and burlapped tree seedling too deeply can cause anaerobic conditions in your soil and can lead to root rot and even death.

Improve the Soil with Fertilizer, Compost, and Other Organic Matter

Any time you can improve your soil with organic matter, slow-release fertilizer, or compost when planting a new tree, it’s always a good thing. However, there are exceptions.

Studies show that the tree roots won’t spread into the native soil if the planting hole is too narrow. Instead, they opt to remain in the improved section of the ground and not spread out, preferring to grow in these improved soil conditions.

To prevent this, dig a planting hole wide enough to accommodate the root zone, creating a vastly improved soil environment that allows for full root system expansion in the tree’s maturity.

Water Your New Tree Adequately

One of the most critical aspects of how to care for a new tree is watering.

Here’s a handy guide for when to water your newly planted tree:

  • 1-2 weeks: water every day
  • 3-12 weeks: water every other day
  • After 12 weeks: water every week until the roots have established themselves

Watering slowly is essential. Invest in a slow trickle sprinkler system to avoid overwatering with gallons of water.

Proper Mulching

Mulch is an essential part of how to care for a new tree. A layer of mulch made of wood chips or other organic material lessens water evaporation, helping to retain soil moisture that keeps your trees hydrated.

In addition, mulching moderates soil temperature, which helps your trees retain moisture.

Consult Your Dedicated Marietta Arborist Today for Tree Planting Advice

When a tree is in the sapling stage, it requires special care to grow well.

If you require assistance with how to care for a new tree, contact Southeast Tree today. Our arborists have years of experience helping people plant and maintain trees.

We will help you find the best fertilizers and mulches for your particular tree species and guide you through planting and caring for your trees. We can also help you get a Sandy Springs tree removal permit and help you remove mature, unhealthy trees.

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