Many people associate palm trees with tropical beaches and sunny, warm climates. Those same people would expect a negative answer to “Can palm trees survive freezing weather.” However, some species of palm trees survive well in cold weather, an essential feature in Marietta, GA.

Read on to learn more about what species of palm trees can survive cold temperatures with Marietta’s tree removal service experts.

Which Palm Trees Can Survive a Freeze?

Of the many palm tree species found in Marietta, three in particular can survive in the lowest temperatures:

1. Windmill Palm

The windmill palm tree thrives well in cooler climates, returning to life even after temperatures reach as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find these palm trees in mountainous regions or along the coasts in the east, west, and Gulfside areas of the U.S.

2. Needle Palm

Usually found growing along the East Coast, needle palm trees require high-temperature summers to thrive. However, once winter hits, these trees can tolerate temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Sabal Palm

The sabal palmetto tree, also called the cabbage palm tree, can withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. With the tree’s large fronds and intricate tree trunk, the sabal palm makes a popular choice among landscapers on the East Coast.

What Happens If My Palm Tree Freezes?

Sometimes, a strong cold front comes on fast and freezes everything outside for days before passing. While the above three examples can outlast short freezes, sometimes the weather proves too strong and overpowers the natural defenses of even the hardiest palm trees. Once a deep freeze breaches the center of a palm tree, the tree may not survive.

Signs My Palm Tree Survived a Freeze

If a palm tree’s robust nature allowed it to partially survive the freeze, you might see signs of life among the obvious dead parts of the tree. Dead fronds will fall off as new ones come in, though young fronds need time to grow to the size of their predecessors. 

When the answer to “can palm trees survive freezing weather” is “partially,” you can help your tree recover by removing the dead fronds to make room for new growth.

Which Palm Trees Can’t Survive a Freeze?

Some palm trees won’t survive freezing weather regardless of how healthy and robust they appear. For example, coconut palm trees require a tropical climate to stay healthy. Coconut palms may withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but the tree won’t survive beyond that.

A general rule of thumb: If your palm trees thrive best in tropical climates, they most likely won’t survive a deep freeze.

How to Know a Palm Tree Didn’t Survive a Freeze

To see how your palm tree fared during a cold front, wait until the weather has returned to normal before judging. Some trees may spring back to life as temperatures rise. However, if your palm tree shows these classic symptoms, you may need to consider removing the tree:

  • Decaying tree trunk
  • Leaning or bent tree trunk
  • Brown or yellow fronds
  • Drooping fronds

Can I Protect My Palm Trees From Freezing Weather?

The trunk of your palm tree takes precedence when trying to protect your tree from cold weather. Try using a frost cover made of burlap or cloth, or wrap your trees in old holiday lights to add a small measure of warmth against the cold.

Saving Your Trees During Freezing Temperatures with the Experts

When facing a cold snap, many landscapers ask,” Can palm trees survive freezing weather?” For the best chance of saving your trees, call the Southeast Tree Experts at (770) 977-8733 in Marietta, GA.

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