Trees are an important part of the environment. They provide shade, improve the air, and beautify homes. But despite their significance, trees are, unfortunately, a major cause of power and service outages.

It’s not uncommon for a tree’s limbs to break off and damage utility line installations during extreme storms.

This is why it’s important to monitor and periodically trim trees that are close to utility lines. And the team at SoutheastTree can help you do just that.

They offer professional line clearance services to utility companies and individuals to help keep trees off utility lines to prevent service outages due to fallen trees and other incidents. 

Here are a few reasons why utility line clearance is important:

  • Save money: it’s cheaper to trim trees close to utility lines than replace or repair the damaged structure. For instance, if a tree falls on top of a utility line, it will not only knock off services within the area (which will make a utility company lose money) but also require several hours of work to fix (another cost).
  • Electrical and Fire Risks: Trees growing near electricity and cable lines can become a fire and electrical hazard to anyone who comes into contact with them at ground level.

A tree doesn’t have to be in direct contact with the electric power line to be hazardous. When the correct conditions exist, such as a voltage surge on the line from a nearby lightning strike, electricity can arc from the power line to neighboring trees. This electric current has the potential to kill anyone who comes too close to the tree, as well as start a fire.

How Does SoutheastTree Utility Clearance Work?

The team at SoutheastTree is taught how to spot dangerous situations and how to fix them using proper trimming practices. They use directional pruning, which means they remove all of the branches and limbs from the main trunk of the tree.

Using this method, you can keep future growth away from utility lines, cut down on re-growth, and keep the tree from decaying while maintaining its beauty.

SoutheastTree understands the value of trees in the community and the importance of these utility services. This is why they take the time to offer the best quality tree clearance that ensures the health of your tree, while also keeping its growth off utility lines.

They can set up a detailed utility line clearance schedule to make sure you never have to worry about trees messing with your service in Marietta, GA.

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