Trees play vital roles in keeping the environment running smoothly. And like every living thing, trees need and deserve care to remain healthy and functional. 

Now that fall is here, one of the important questions most tree owners are asking is how to keep their trees healthy throughout the fall months. And prepare them for the upcoming harsh winter. 

Below are simple but effective tips you can implement to maintain the health and shape of your trees during this season.

Fall Tree Care Tips  

It is fall and it is necessary to double down on tree care activities so that the trees are prepared for the upcoming harsh winter. Here are some fall tree care tips that can help:

  • Rake to remove dead leaves

Fungi and other nasty organisms love to hide during winter under fallen leaves. When the weather becomes warmer and rain falls during spring, these organisms are awakened giving them a chance to infect or reinfect the tree. Raking them will prevent this from happening.

  • Mulch

Mulching is a process that helps to protect the roots of trees from the harsh weather and cold of late fall and winter. There is also the added benefit of helping the soil retain moisture and organic matter when you mulch properly.

  • Prune dead branches

Trees with dead or decaying branches are a threat to people and property. They are likely to break during storms or windy days. Pruning these branches during the fall tree care process is a good way to mitigate the risks that the dead branches carry and protect your loved ones and property.

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