Tree pruning is a tree care method that helps protect your trees from pests and infections. Although fall tree pruning is not encouraged, it has a lot of benefits for your trees, and if done right, it can help them grow stronger and prepare them for spring. 

To prevent damaging your trees, you should only allow tree care experts like SoutheastTree, who know their way around trees, to do your fall tree pruning.

Why You Should Prune Your Tree in Fall

It helps you prune more efficiently: Pruning your trees in the fall when they are scanty will give you a better view and help you see what to prune. Your arborist can see affected branches more clearly, and they can move from one tree to another easily.

It Improves your trees’ Health: Removing infected branches from your trees helps to improve their health by stopping the infections and pests from spreading across the tree and damaging the entire tree.

It helps prepare your trees for Spring: Removing dead branches from your trees in fall will help prepare them for spring by improving their structure and creating room to grow new branches.

It prevents accidents: Weak branches can fall off during winter storms and winds, causing damage to your property and other people around. Removing those weak branches in the fall can prevent accidents in your home.

It reduces the spread of infections: Pruning generally opens your tree up to pests and diseases, but pruning during the dormant season when your tree is dormant will reduce the spread of these infections. Also, the cold weather will help the pruning wound heal quickly.

Helps you discover diseases and pests: Pruning your trees will open them up and help you to identify diseases and pests early and treat them before they cause more damage.

Hire The Best Tree Service In Marietta, GA, For Your Fall pruning

SoutheastTree is a full-service tree care company you can rely on for all your tree care needs in Marietta, GA, and its neighboring communities. 

The team of experts at SoutheastTree is dedicated to giving you the best services at very affordable prices. They understand how important your trees are to you and work hard to keep them in good shape and health.

They provide various tree care services such as pruning, trimming, emergency tree service, and arborist services.

To hire an arborist or inquire about their services, contact Southeast Trees at 770-977-8733-TREE or visit their website.


SoutheastTree is one of the best, top rated full-service tree removal companies serving the Atlanta, GA area. Our team of trained arborists are experts in the art and science of removing trees.

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