Trees are a wonderful asset and can spruce up the landscape, complement other trees and shrubs in the area, and provide shade or protection. However, trees require care and maintenance. Property owners often choose to do this work themselves, and should be aware of the dangers involved with DIY tree care. Falling limbs, faulty equipment, or carelessness are some of the hazards of tree care, and it’s important to maintain proper safety protocols when accomplishing this risky task.

Proper equipment is an imperative aspect of tree care whether you’re a professional or a layman. Faulty tree care equipment includes equipment that has not been properly maintained, as well as the use of equipment not designed for the job. It’s recommended that maintenance requiring motorized work be scheduled with a professional.

Mastering a knowledge of tree physics, biology, and an understanding of the use of the proper equipment will help to keep everyone involved safe and out of harm’s way. A trained eye can predict how limbs, or the tree itself, will fall. Proper training will help to minimize damage to the tree, and ensure the safety of the arborist. A professional will have knowledge as to which tools will produce the desired result in each situation.

Tree owners may choose to care for and maintain their trees themselves, but oftentimes, they prefer to give their trees the professional touch. Training, licensing, and experience can all ensure that a tree gets the best possible care, allowing it to thrive for years to come.

Professional arborists have the skills to identify decaying or diseased trees and branches that may necessitate removal. They understand the science behind the task, including how to remove portions of or entire trees safely, and with minimal damage to the surrounding environment. Tree care professionals understand the ins and outs of the job, and how to accomplish the job in the best way possible.

Serving the Marietta GA area, SoutheastTree provides full-service tree removal, while holding themselves to the highest tree care standards. The team of professional arborists maintain an A+ rating with the BBB, and have the training and experience to accomplish the job safely and effectively. Specializing in tree removal, SoutheastTree also handles tree bracing, trimming, pruning, and other tree care services. With a satisfaction guarantee, SoutheastTree offers their Marietta clients quality work and service. For a free quote, call 770-977-8733, or visit their website.


SoutheastTree is one of the best, top rated full-service tree removal companies serving the Atlanta, GA area. Our team of trained arborists are experts in the art and science of removing trees.

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