Many people with any experience managing or caring for trees know that one of the best things that can be done for any tree is consistent pruning. It is also important to prune during the right season so as to get the best results.

Spring pruning is a bit dicey because there are varying ideas about when exactly is the best time and when pruning should be avoided. A general rule of thumb is that pruning is fine anytime before the sap of plants begins to flow. This, of course, depends on the temperature of the region. When pruning is done during spring, the wounds that the activity inevitably causes won’t be exposed for too long before the growing season starts, which makes it a good idea.

How To Prune Right

Pruning is not only about taking shears to trees and just chopping away, there is a method to it that needs to be learned, which is why it is best left to the professionals. The first thing to figure out is what the pruning is to achieve. 

In most cases, pruning dead and dying branches is a good start. If the purpose is to stall the spread of a disease, then it is a good idea to prune well below the areas that are affected. This kind of pruning should also not be done when it is wet out because the water is likely to spread the disease even further. 

Another pruning tip is to cut away branches and limbs that are hanging over walkways or places that get a lot of human traffic. They are eventually going to get broken off anyway, so why not prune before that happens.

One final tip is to plan the pruning of certain types of trees properly. Trees like maples, birches, dogwoods, and walnuts all secrete a lot of sap. This can make for a very messy pruning experience. It is better to wait until warmer months before giving these types of trees a trimming.

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