Regular tree care is an essential practice to maintain the health and beauty of your tree. In addition, trees that are regularly inspected and pruned by professional arborists are less likely to cause damage to humans, your home or nearby installations.

Many homeowners are often unsure whether winter pruning is good for their trees or not. While pruning can be performed any time throughout the year if required, winter is the best time to prune your tree.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider pruning your trees this winter:

Trees are dormant: In winter, trees go into dormancy, which makes it easier to inspect the structure without the leaves. In addition, it’s easy to spot dead wood and cut them out in readiness for the coming springtime.

Trees are less susceptible to disease: Many of the insects that are attracted to fresh cuts are rarely found in winter. This helps reduce the chance of disease, and fungal infection during this period.

Less impact to other lives in landscape: Winter tree pruning has very minimal impact on surrounded elements such as turf and perennials as they would have gone dormant too.

Best time for some tree species: Trees such as oaks, birches, and elms are easily vulnerable to disease spread by insects like oak wilt and Dutch elm. Pruning in winter reduces the risk of pest and fungal infection.

Is It Safe To Prune Your Tree Yourself?

Pruning is a technical tree work that requires proper knowledge, professional training and dedicated equipment.

Although winter tree pruning is generally safe, doing it the wrong way can cause damage to your tree. To avoid that, your best bet is to call a professional arborist who knows the rope of the job and has the required expertise to do it right.

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Their certified and licensed arborists are trained not only in tree care but in safety. They understand that each individual tree’s needs are different, and they go on to provide a customized tree care plan that will help your tree to maintain its health, beauty and shape all year round.

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