Every tree owner needs an emergency tree service once in a while whether you have a maintenance routine or not. It is sometimes out of your control.

While the unwanted event could happen to anyone, it is important to point out that healthy trees have a better chance of surviving horrible weather conditions and are less susceptible to insects and diseases. 

1. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions like wind storms and rain storms damage trees severely, turning your yard into a debris space. At best, you could have torn branches and fallen trees or much worse, you may have a tree crushing your roof or car. 

Either way, there’s no winning with the storm in most cases. You most certainly will be needing a clean-up. 

If you, therefore, find yourself with trees whose roots are exposed from erosion, trees burned by lightning, fallen trees and fallen branches, you need an emergency tree service. 

2. Disease or Insect Infestation

Trees with diseases and harmful insects need emergency professional attention. If the signs are visible, chances are the damage is far gone and you need to save other trees and shrubs that are yet to be infected. 

Roswell, GA, tree service has tree healthcare specialists who know about tree insects and diseases and have the best treatment. 

3. Hanging/Frequently Falling Limbs

A hanging limb is never a good sign. Whether it is hanging over your roof, garage or window, it is a threat to your building and your life. 

Sometimes, a tree branch could be hanging over your neighbor’s property. If neglected, it could damage their structure and lead to a disagreement. To save your relationship with your neighbor and your insurance provider, it’s best to call an emergency tree service to have the dangerous limbs removed. 

4. Leaning Tree

Although some species lean naturally, you should be able to tell when your tree isn’t looking like it used to. And if you can tell that it may be leaning too dangerously, then it’s time to call an emergency tree service. 

Such trees could fall at any moment, injure someone, disrupt foot traffic or crush a neighbor’s fence or yours. 

Call the Best Emergency Tree Service in Roswell, GA

Southeast Tree Service is a licensed tree care company with over 2 decades of impeccable tree service in Roswell, GA. 

Trained and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, this team of arborists are dedicated to providing excellent tree service at the most competitive price and they are available to attend to your emergency tree needs 24/7. 

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