Tree care is beyond watering trees or pruning them. It is a lot of work that requires expertise. 

SoutheastTree, a reliable tree service in Marietta, GA is offering expert arborist services to help improve tree health. 

SoutheastTree’s team of experts understands the importance of caring for trees to promote growth and longevity, and they are sharing tree care tips to help residents and businesses in Marietta, GA properly care for their trees. 

5 Essential Tree Care Tips

Here are five essential tree care tips below:

1. Mulching

Trees need to be mulched regularly to help lock moisture and nutrients in to ensure that trees get enough of them. Mulching is an important aspect of tree care that involves applying organic materials like old wood chips and pine needles to the base of the tree. 

2. Tree Trimming and Pruning 

One aspect of tree care that you shouldn’t overlook is regular trimming and pruning.  It helps to get rid of dead or diseased branches to help promote tree growth and longevity.  When pruning your trees ensure you don’t over-prune. 

3. Examine for Pest Infestation  

Regularly examining your trees for pest infestation is an important aspect of tree care. If you notice any hazard, it is important to contact a professional tree service like SoutheastTree for early treatment.  

4. Remove Critically Damaged Trees 

Sometimes,  tree care involves letting the tree go. When trees are critically damaged beyond repair, it is best to let them preserve other trees on the property. You can contact a professional to help with the removal process. 

5. Assess After a Storm

It is important to note that storms will always leave significant damage on your tree. After a storm, contact an emergency tree service to assess your trees for any damage or potential hazards.

About SoutheastTree

If you require the services of a certified arborist in Marietta, GA, look no further than SoutheastTree.

 SoutheastTree has been offering exceptional tree care services to residents and businesses in Marietta, GA since 1997. It offers a variety of tree care services including tree removal, tree trimming and pruning,  land clearing, and firewood chips. 

 SoutheastTree has a team of professionals who are highly trained and vast in their knowledge of trees and can handle any tree situation you might have. Its team is dedicated to offering premium tree services and ensuring that clients are optimally satisfied.  

Visit its official website or call 770-977-8733 to get a free estimate. 

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