Trees require care all year round, but winter is the period that some important tree care processes can happen. This is especially true because trees are dormant during that period. They also shed leaves which makes it easier for a trained eye to notice issues or diseases that might be plaguing the tree.

This process starts with a tree inspection. An inspection does not need to be a huge production. It can be achieved using simple tools and the keen eye of a professional. The tree is given a 360 degree once over. A winter assessment can be a good way to identify potential problems and start working on the solution.

Winter Tree Assessment Checklist

There are some necessary things to check for when doing a winter tree assessment. Here are some of them:

  • Check for Hollows and Cavities

If a tree is damaged or injured, it is likely that the tree has already started decaying from the inside out. In this case, the tree is hollowed out which means it has become a hazard. Checking for this should be on the checklist of any winter tree assessment.

  • Excessive Lean

If a tree is observed to lean excessively or have soil heaving up around the roots, then that tree is compromised and should be removed.

  • Check for Mushrooms

If mushrooms are seen growing on either the stem or roots of a tree, then it is very likely that advanced decay has started inside the tree.

  • Check for Codominant Stems

Codominant stems are two or more large stems that originate from the same spot on the tree and are usually side-weighted. These kinds of stems compete directly for nutrients and are usually weak. This is especially true when the stems are joined at a V-shaped junction rather than a U-shaped one.

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