Arborists are trained to care for individual trees. They understand the needs of the trees they attend to and are experts at solving tree-related problems. 

Why Do You Need An Arborist?

Trees are valuable and there are many benefits that come with providing your trees with proper care. The best way to do this would be to hire professional arborists

Hiring a professional arborist will ensure your trees are healthy and well-maintained, and prevent potential accidents that could likely occur if tree care is performed without the presence of an expert arborist. 

Why Should You Hire Southeast Tree?

Southeast Tree is a top rated tree removal company in the Atlanta, GA area. They have a highly professional team of certified arborists who provide expert tree care and amazing customer service.

Southeast Tree has provided high quality tree services to clients in Marietta and North Atlanta GA since 1997. They uphold top industry standards in their services all at affordable rates. 

Southeast Tree is fully licensed and insured. They are available 24/7 and respond immediately when contacted. 

Southeast Tree Services:

Tree Removal

Tree removal is often a final measure but if it must be done, it is best if you hire an arborist. 

The arborists at Southeast Tree are thoroughly trained and will provide tree and stump removal services for any tree, regardless of the seeming difficulty of the task. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning

To ensure the trees in your property are kept neat and aesthetically pleasing, contact Southeast Tree for expert tree trimming and pruning services of your trees by their certified arborists.

Their arborists will use the appropriate pruning methods for the specific trees and ensure that the health, safety and appearance of the tree are protected.

Emergency Cleanup and Tree Removal 

After a chaotic storm, your property might be in need of some heavy duty cleanup and tree removal. Perhaps some tree limbs have fallen, or branches are threatening to fall. Maybe it is an entire tree that seems to be bound for a fall headed right into your home or other structures. Southeast Tree offers swift cleanup and emergency removal services.

Land Clearing

Southeast Tree offers land clearing services and will help you clear your property quickly and efficiently so you can use your land for your intended purpose. 

Contact Southeast Tree for expert arborist services and a free risk assessment. Call (770) 977-8733 (TREE)


SoutheastTree is one of the best, top rated full-service tree removal companies serving the Atlanta, GA area. Our team of trained arborists are experts in the art and science of removing trees.

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