Tree risk assessment is an important exercise conducted by a certified arborist after a major weather event to analyze the potential damage that the tree is likely to cause to a passerby or any property nearby. 

By identifying dangerous trees, immediate actions can be taken to prevent accidents. Consider some of the tree assessment risks shared by Sandy Springs, GA Tree Service

How to conduct a tree risk assessment

1. Overall Tree Assessment

Assessing a tree at a short distance for a long period gives one a better look compared to standing close to or under the tree. From a distance, an arborist can tell if a tree is leaning. 

A leaning tree is a potential threat to life and property and therefore needs a closer assessment to determine the degree of the damage it is likely going to cause if left unattended. 

2. Potential Damage

A tree assessment will show if the tree could be harmful to a passerby or cars passing by. If the tree stands where the potential damage to a person or property is low, the tree may not be treated as an emergency. 

It could however be pruned and cared for to prevent pests and diseases. 

3. Assess the tree trunk

After assessing the tree from a distance, the arborist moves closer to check the tree trunk from the root. 

Assessing the root of the tree for rot, pest infestation, and diseases is very important. To achieve this, the arborist might need to remove the surroundings for a better examination. 

Any sign of mushroom and fungus sends a message that the root is rotting away. If the rot has gone past half of the tree root, it should be treated as an emergency especially when it is located on the roadsides, in a school, in an office environment or in other places where it is a threat to humans and their properties.

4. Look for Cracks 

Trees with deep cracks in their branches or trunks are dangerous to humans and properties. Large cracks pose a risk to pedestrians and should therefore be removed. 

A thorough tree risk assessment can only be carried out by a professional arborist and should not be done the DIY way. 

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