Proper tree care is vital, and pruning is an important aspect of tree care. Fall is an ideal time for trimming and pruning, as it addresses potential problem areas before the winter weather arrives. Ice and snow can be harmful if a tree has not been properly maintained, and a tree should be in optimal health when spring growth arrives.

With autumn comes the trees’ annual loss of leaves, which can be quite helpful to the arborist, as it reveals bark and branches. This allows for any problem areas to be more easily observed. During this time, one should check a tree for defects, fungal growths dead or dying branches, decay, and other potentially problematic concerns. Areas of weakness should be specially noted as they could be an indication of probable damage during winter’s wrath.

Many potential issues may be easily seen, while others merely have subtle indications. While decay and dead areas may be readily apparent, fungal growth may not necessarily be so. Oozing sap can be an indication of an existing fungal problem and should be inspected. One should also investigate unusual cracking of the bark for potential infections or other problems. Natural damage, such as wind or storm damage, should be noted and attended to, as should cracked or free hanging branches.

Trees should be investigated for insect infestations, and also for disease. Infected or infested trees not only pose a falling hazard to nearby buildings and human and animal life, but the disease may spread to nearby trees, continuing the cycle.

It is important that each tree be inspected for problems before complications arise. Each issue should be dealt with through proper tree care and maintenance, trimming and pruning, before the arrival of winter. A problematic tree left on its own may sustain damage during the winter months, and may be in poor health when spring arrives, arresting its natural ability for new growth and recovery. is available to serve the Alpharetta, GA community with all of their fall trimming and pruning needs. The team of arbor experts hold themselves to the highest tree care standards, and are proud members of the National Arborist Association, the International Society of Arboriculture, and also maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. With a satisfaction guarantee, offers their Alpharetta clients with quality work and service.

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