With the popularity of home improvement shows and landscaping shows, people are rolling up their sleeves to improve their property. They may have a great plan, but often they forget to check the ordinances of their city or county.

The Cobb County, GA tree ordinance highlighted tree preservation in the metro area. There are specific guidelines for removing and replacing a tree that you will want to follow. Here are some of the keys to keep in mind.

The Cobb County, GA Tree Ordinance Purpose

The purpose of the tree ordinance came out of the rapid growth in the Cobb County area.  Many trees came out with urban growth and the loss of those trees damages soil erosion.

The lack of green spaces also leaves fewer trees to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen which affects the air quality. Seeking to protect those factors and to protect the beauty of green spaces, the county passed the ordinance.

Other cities and counties in GA are following suit with ordinances. For example, the Johns Creek, GA tree ordinance is similar to the Cobb County ordinance.

The Cobb County, GA Tree Ordinance Permits

If you are going to remove trees to do land work, you must submit a plan of what you are going to do and why the trees need to be removed. 

Individuals must fill out a permit whether they are planning property development for a neighborhood or the removal of a single tree at their house.

The Chattahoochee river corridor tree removal permits have a different focus. The state has designated a buffer around state waters to protect them and the banks so homeowners and developers should take caution near the river.

The Cobb County, GA Tree Ordinance Process

The Cobb County, GA tree removal permit also requires you to state how you will replenish the trees that you are taking down. If you aren’t going to replace them, you must state the reasons you cannot replace them.

If you have a tree at your house you want to take down, you must have the tree inspected by an arborist to show just cause for the removal of the tree. 

If you go out and remove a tree on your property without the proper paperwork, you are setting yourself up for some major fines.

You are liable for at least ten percent of the cost of correction as determined by the county.  This cost cannot be less than $1,000.00 and it counts for each day of the violation!

Protect the Trees and Protect Yourself

Removing trees is something that has to be done at times, but the beauty and necessity of trees have to be protected. The Cobb County, GA tree ordinance is here to protect the trees and the county as a whole.

We specialize in tree maintenance and do everything according to the local ordinances. Call us if you have a tree in question and we will handle all the details for you.


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