Specializing in Tree Removal Services

Your trees’ overgrown branches, when not removed, may cause danger to yourself and others. Get full-service tree care at Southeast Tree in Atlanta, Roswell & Marietta, GA. We will see to it that your tree trimming, removal, and pruning needs are met. Keep us in mind when your trees require maintenance or even when you need them completely removed. Our tree removal service is safe and effective for removing problematic or dead trees, as well as trees that interfere with your construction projects. Don’t attempt to remove trees on your own. You can severely injure yourself or others, and can even damage nearby property. As a professional tree removal service, we’re skilled at safely cutting down trees and disposing of their debris, and even perform stump grinding after the fact. After tree felling has been performed, stump grinding is a necessary step, as an exposed stump can be a dangerous obstacle as well as an attractive host for termites and other pests.

Comprehensive Tree Care

Our tree services don’t stop at tree removal. Our services also include tree trimming and pruning, for cosmetic purposes or for the health of the tree. Whether you want to prune trees to promote growth, cut unsightly branches, prevent dangerous growth patterns like branches that approach power lines, or need to have dead or infected limbs removed, SoutheastTree is the tree cutting service you can count on. Our experts know how to perform tree cutting and pruning without killing them or leaving them vulnerable to infection.